I think one of the bands I know uses an ibanez tube screamer pedal with their amp on the lead channel to get extra sustain and to make it more clear sounding. Would this be effective to give my amp a higher gain edge? and If so which pedal would you suggest to get?
Depends on what kind of amp you have. What amp are you using?
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Yeah, it will make the bottom end a bit more tight, and make it better sounding in general, if you do it right. Keep the gain fairly low, and max the volume. Adjust tone to liking.
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what overdrive would you suggest and how much of a difference would this make to my amp
It should tighten your sound up and add some gain if you use it like this: Gain 0 volume 10.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
what overdrive pedal should i get and would it be worthwhile in helping me get a higher gain sound
A Tubescreamer or one of it's many copies should work well. It won't add a lot of gain, but it will tighten up your sound. If your bugera doesn't have enough gain then I'd almost say something is wrong with it since those are supposed to be gain monsters.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
well it has the gain believe me but it fades way too fast and doesn't have hardly any sustain so would you suggest something else to fix that maybe instead of an overdrive pedal
A compressor pedal should be able to add the sustain you need. Your guitar might be the problem as well.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
im saving to get some EMGs next but i didnt think that they would make that much of a difference
one final question would be what compressor pedal would be the best purchase
A tubescreamer would help with what you need, but if you're looking for a compressor, Keeley's compressor is really good, BYOC pedals offers a really good compressor, and Analogman's Comprossor and Bi-comprossor is suppose to be really amazing too.
I really love to hit the front of my lead channel with a DS-1. I mainly use it as a boost for solos, but it REALLY compresses the saturation very nicely. TONS of sustain.

Legato hammer-ons and pull-offs sounds heavenly, VAI like.

The gain is set about 9:00
Tone about 10:00
Level about 2:30 to boost it above everything else.

Like someone said...you shouldn't have a gain or sustain issue with a bugera. I suspect that now you've got an amp...it may be time to upgrade your guitar.

A pick-up swap would help...but low-end guitars will suck sustain outta any set-up.

Edit: Use a compressor and you lose the natural feel and compression a tube amp will already give you.
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I have the 333xl combo, and although it does sound great, I think I may have to get one too for that added oomph I want for my modern metal. I also recomend a patch cord in the send/return of your fx loop for an added boost when engaged, does a great job.

I should have gotten the 6262 I guess since metal was what I intended it for, but the 333xl was the only one available to me, but I don't regret getting it, it's pretty versitile.