I'm going to get an amp and multi effects pedal this month for my birthday.

I have a
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Ibanez RG2EX1

my amp is
Roland Microcube

So my birthday is this month and I'm getting a tube amp.
I like to play mostly stuff similar too

Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for my Valentine
Coheed and Cambria

Once I get better I want to play stuff similar to
The Fall of Troy
Tera Melos

I want to get a tube amp.
So far this is what I have decided on.

Peavey Valveking 112

Vox ToneLab LE Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Good Idea?
post your suggestions and opinions.


as kinda mentioned what is your total budget here? i would focus at least $650 - $700 of that if not all of it toward the amp and then maybe a few effects pedals if needed.

can you at least look at some used gear on your local craigslist and tell us what you see?

*gregs - let him do it vs you doing it for him*
save up for a JCM900, that will get you the sound of pretty much all the bands you listed, and if not your only 1 boost pedal away.
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Quote by IbanezPsycho
Skip on the multi-effects and get an amp that can actually pull off the bands you like versus trying to mimic them...


MultiFX units sound HORRIBLE thru a tube amp.

Analog stuff is the way to go.