i was working one day and my boss had this Intoxicating music
that was great he called it flaminco
and its like extremely fast acoustic solos through ou t the whole song
does anybody know any bands or musicians that are apart of this genre
flamenco. yes. check out paco de lucia, carlos montoya, paco peña that should get you started i guess
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yea like the gentleman above me said paco de lucia is a solid choice. you should check out his work with al di meola and john mclaughlin on the album the guitar trio its a very solid album.
You can't go wrong with Paco de Lucia. As stated earlier, get his collaboration with di Meola and McLaughlin.

There's "Guitar Trio" and "Friday Night in San Francisco"
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I prefer paco pena, he's less experimental in his playing and sticks more with the old way of performing without all the mumbojumbo flutes and whatnot.
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