Hello all,

I've been playing the electric guitar for 2 months now, and I absolutely love it! I've decided to now buy an acoustic as well... I'm pretty sure I will continue playing guitar for many years to come.

So I've basically limited my choices to two guitars, the first is the Seagull S6+ Spruce, I've heard so many good things about this guitar. It looks great, and it's hand crafted from Canadian wood. Solid spruce top and the price is amazing at around 350CAD.

I'm quite set on this guitar, but I recently read that the DX-1 by Martin is also a great guitar, and well it's a Martin. The cost is a bit out of my price range (around 550CAD) but I want to see what people think, or if there are any even better guitars for around 450USD max.

Any advice will be appreciated.

I think you'll get more from the Seagull than the Martin to be honest. Martin uses cheap materials for their cheaper guitars.

Also, the seagull is more versatile. the wider neck makes fingerpicking really easy.

Just remember not to buy any guitars without trying them out thoroughly.
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DO NOT spend alot of money after just playing guitar for 2 months, it could be a mistake...but i agree a good seagull can out-do a cheap martin any day...but in any other situation i say martin ftw
The dx-1 is not a terrible guitar if you treat it correctly, its the ppl who leave it to the whims of nature and humidity that get the weird warping and the splitting-apart of the HPL. I've played a lot on a dxk2 which is similar, except its all HPL, and the tone is actually decent, as is the playability. Nothing great, but definitely not bad. And it can take a beating better than real wood can. That being said, the Seagull will probably still be a better bet, but I can't say for sure as I haven't played that model.
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Thanks for all the responses. Seems like I'm going with the Seagull. I'll go test it out today and hopefully buy it by the end of the week!