So I'm building up a pedal board now, but one thing I'd quite like to add is a delay pedal. I know they arent cheap so it'll be something I'll invest in rather than pick up on the cheap I should think, but with all the models available it baffles me somewhat. The basic features I'm after are the obvious settings, but also the facility to tap the delay tempo. I dont know if this is even possible but would be cool especially on stage use.

I wont be able to afford any of the really high end or boutique pedals, but has anyone any recommendations or if this tool is even possible?

tap tempo? That's VERY popular on pedals. Check out the Boss DD series, and the Line 6 DL-4.
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Its possible. I believe all of Boss' delay pedals include the tap tempo feature. I got the newest Boss delay pedal. The DD-7. Its amazing, but costs a big $170.
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Ah ok, just me being a bit of a muppet lol. I have a thing for MXR pedals at the moment so have been looking at the carbon copy, but features look quite basic on it, although i'm sure it does sound amazing
Does it need one of those external pedals attatched to it for tap tempo? Pedal board space might be starting to run a bit low...
The BOSS DD7 does all you'd want really, including being able to tap the tempo amongst other things, i got one a year back, isn't too hard to figure out how to work, the manual's great at giving presets etc. Tis quite expensive for a pedal but i dunno what ur price limit is, neways best of luck.
Anyone heard about the danelectro wasabi? Havent heard the best things about danny pedals but has a reverse delay.. which sounds kinda cool and not too expensive
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Anyone heard about the danelectro wasabi? Havent heard the best things about danny pedals but has a reverse delay.. which sounds kinda cool and not too expensive

DD-7 also has the reverse delay.
Yeah, Love_Buzz, but the DD-7 is crap on a stick!

The Danelectro Wasabi is good for a cheap delay. If you want expensive, the DLS EchoTap and Diamond Memory Lane both have tap, and are both brilliant.
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My only worry with the wasabi is just the switches are close together. Those other ones are a bit pricey for me but will have to try some out in a shop me thinks
Sounds to me like you'd better go with a digital delay. Here are some to consider:

Line 6 DL4: There are a ton of different sounds and textures to be had with this pedal. Three presets and tap tempo, so you can set a few sounds you like and then adjust the tap tempo to what the song requires. The expression pedal option gives even more control over the lo-fi and sweep echo sounds, or can act as two additional presets (one in the toe-down position and one in the heel-down position). These are $249 new but there is a fantastic used market.

Boss DD-7: One of these bad boys plus an external tap tempo switch will give you a ton of options. Again, try eBay.

Since analog delay (like the MXR Carbon Copy you mentioned) and digital delay (like Boss) are such different sounds and typically have completely different uses, a lot of people have one of each on their board. You could get a Carbon Copy now for some slapback or ambience and add a more expensive pedal later.

Edit: a cheap option for the meantime might be a Line 6 Echo Park. It's got lots of options and tap tempo for only, like, $109 or something. However, I don't think it sounds the greatest.
Line 6 Echo Park
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