this is a piece i made mostly stream-of-conciousness (like everything else ) a few years ago, and just recently fleshed it out more. also, i'm gonna go ahead and call it aggro-jazz, because that genre doesn't appear to exist thus far, and also because i can.

warning: if you don't like minor add9 chords, steer clear. steer very clear.

That was excellent.

Nothing to really crit though.
Everything seems to flow well and is interesting.

It reminds me of the GazzetE or Dir En Grey.
Well, it sounds like something they'd possibly do.

Anyways, great work!
I really enjoyed this peice.

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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thanks for the praise. i'm not too familiar with either of those artists. think i've just heard one dir en grey song. any particular song of yours you want me to check out? i see there's a buttload you've done.