Ok, so i got this Vox ACC32 50W? amp. And im messing around with the settings, and while playing around i start to hear the faint sound of people talking...

So i turn up the master volume, and i start to notice that those voices are from a radio station....?

Why can i get the radio to come through my tube amp? and is this dangerous to it?
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its a combo right?

Maybe the technician was dumb, and put an unshielded cable to connect the head unit to the speaker..
I used to be able to pick up radio stations with my first crappy bass and some weird practice amp, I think it has something to do with the amp being microphonic.

Either way take it back and get it replaced!

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It's a microphonic tube. No real worries, just can be annoying.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Do you have any pedals in your chain? I've had a couple that have picked up the radio.
That sucks... well its only at really high volumes, so its not noticable at all at normal practicing levels- but when i test my limits of light- it goes all walkie-talkie on me.

I think i can deal with it, not worth the hastle of not having amp for weeks.
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