k so im thinking of buying a toneport or an e-mu 0202. The difference: toneport is usb 1.1 while e-mu is 2.0. Nevermind the features and what not, i'm just talking about latency here. If i play my guitar into the interface, either toneport or e-mu, and then plug the device into the computer via usb, and then i plug headphones into the toneport/emu, will i get lag when i play? isnt it supposto be zero latency? because i want to use it with guitar rig and practice so i can't have any latency. Will the emu's usb 2.0 capabilities give me less lag then the toneport when using this method, or any lag at all? So thats the first thing.

Also, ppl say the lag they DO get is when they record. If i still use the same method as above, (guitar->interface-> computer, and then headphones into interface) will i still get lag when i am recording through say audicity or cubase or what not? I've heard, but don't know if it's true, that I won't get ANY lag if i monitor the sound through the actual interface, using headphones or speakers. Is this true?

I just want to know this because the toneport is only 50 dollars and if it can give me zero latency or VERY little latency then that's all i need. The e-mu is double the price.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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I am waiting on my toneport gx to arrive at the post so i haven't actually used one myselfe but i have red many comments saying that with the tone direct monitoring, people have no problems with the latency.