Influences of the band:
- Annihilator
- Evile
- Exodus
- Kreator
- Megadeth
- Onslaught
- Overkill
- Pantera
- Sepultura
- Testament

We play classic thrash, and are currently recording our E.P. and Todd Hansen [The Berzerker] is guest drumming on one of our tracks.
We are also participating in The Devil's Legion: A Tribute to Onslaught, covering the songs Killing Peace and Power From Hell.
Dave [Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist] and myself [Lead Guitarist] have strong links with Onslaught, Gamma Bomb, Evile and the Berzerker and the band should be supporting Muncipal Waste in December at Sheffield's Casbah.
Previous gigging/band experience preferred but not necessary, and we aim to be gig ready by the end of October when our E.P. is released.
If you're interested in joining the band please contact either:

Dave Ingram: www.myspace.com/rustedwithblood
Myself [Greg Woodhead]: www.myspace.com/im_atheist
the Band: www.myspace.com/officialbloodbrawl
[Member of the Ibanez S Players Club.] Pm striketalonx to join

Ibanez SA1260
Ibanez RGA8 w/DiMarzio PAF8s
Ibanez JS1200CA
Ibanez S470IB w/DiMarzio Tonezone (Bridge)
Laney LC50 Mark II
Boss ME-70