Hey there, I just got around to joining this forum even though I've been teaching myself guitar for a year or so and have been visiting this site for a massive chunk of that time. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up and get some advice on a few things so any comments would be most welcome.

Basically I currently own a pretty beat up Yamaha Pacifica (not sure on model specifics) and a Peavey Rage 15W. I managed to get these for free (well we might say indefinite loan), they're seriously old (I think) but still sounding okay although I would seriously like to get an upgrade.

I absolutely love the guitar despite it's basicness, it's got a humbucker and two single coil pickups (assuming they're the standard ones that come with it), tone/volume control, pickup switch and whammy bar which I believe should be everything I need. My main problem though is I have absolutely no idea how this compares to other makes, I'm assuming the pacifica is supposed to be a stratocaster copy? Or just in that shape at least. Anyway, we'll come back to this later.

The amp on the other hand is really showing it's age, there seems to be this constant drone to it that is seriously annoying and it also has extremely limited functionality in terms of distortion etc. It basically has an equalizer and gain/volume control. This is something I really want to replace, at the moment I haven't looked much into tone (other than attempting to set my dials to something which is actually listenable) or effects but this is something I'd really like to look into in the future and so I would like to get a new amp that has a lot of cool features on it. I was personally thinking about a Roland Cube 30X but I'd definitely be dragging my yamaha down to the store and trying it out first anyway, does anyone have any opinions on this?

I'm looking to spend £150 or so (yeah I'm from the UK) on a good amplifier which I'd mainly be using to practice on by myself, if it makes a difference I tend to play a lot of Jeff Buckley, RHCP and would like to play more Coheed and Cambria and Muse songs (which I'm failing on at the moment due to lack of distortion/effects).

Considering my musical tastes I was also wondering if anyone could suggest some good guitar makes/models/specs for when I come around to replace my current yamaha one. By then I'd probably be happy to part with £300 odd.

Also if anyone has any decent links containing any information on gear for newbs like myself eg. what's good, what to look for, how your sound is affected etc that would be awesome.

Hopefully this is in the right forum.
as far as the amp goes the roland cube 30 is a good choice, but also check out the vox valvetronix series, and maybe even the peavey vypyr (althouh i've never played it i heard it's pretty good)

As for the guitar take a look at some MIM strats and teles, epiphone les pauls or really anything they have in the store within your price range, its good to try out as many as possible and then make a decision based on what you like.

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well u asked a question about ur guitar...so its ok. guitar gear and accesories is where you ask about amps.


i have a roland cube 60. not the 'X' series, i dont know if there as good as the old cubes.

a cube 30 (no 'X') is a great lil amp, because it is loud, versatile, light, compact, effects, great sound and reliable. you'll be happy with it, trust me


yes, go down to the store with ur axe and try it out. best way to tell if u like the amp is buy playing it with ur own guitar and leads, that way the only difference is the amp and you know that its the only uncommon element in ur setup, which lets u judge it easily.

as for a guitar...ermmm you like alternative rock but not tooooo heavy...

maybe an epiphone for that budget? An SG might suit you well.
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If you're just doing bedroom practice I'd say get the Micro Cube.
No need for the extra wattage

Just try to stay away from Marshall MG's and Line 6 Spiders.

And I'd recommend a Fender Super Champ XD
Vesatile, from blues to metal
and it's all tube

Actually I recommend the Fender VibroChamp
5W, just a smaller version of the Super Champ
Tons of effects and modeling
Def. a good starter

So I just went from Cube>Super Champ>Vibro Champ.
Just try out the Vibro or Cube
Upgrade your guitar later

I'd try the Cube in the store but not with your guitar as you stated you wanna upgrade that anyways. I don't think I would personally recommend you anything in terms of what guitar to get because everyones tastes are different. If you like the Pacifica then the closed upgrade would be an HSS Strat of course or something similar. I never really researched, well I never called it researched but I looked at a ton of different guitars while I was just starting out. Checked out different company websites, see what they had, what styles I liked and so on. If I were you I'd just go to a site like musiciansfriend.com and look at whats out there in terms of different guitars then go to a store and see if you can play that model or something similar and find out what you like best.
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