Can you plug in an amp head into a home stereo system and get a good result?

I've got a pair of Cerwin Vegas and I figure if I can why not. I've bin playing a couple months and I'm using a little Line6 for now. I could get back tracks and everything going though it at the same time. Hell, with one cable I could throw my computer in there too!

So, will stereo speakers couple well with a guitar?
Technically, there's no reason you can't.

Whether the results would be desirable or not... that's probably a different story.
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Yeah, I'm not really sure if it would work or not. Well, would work, but would it work well.

Anybody ever tried this?
no you can't without blowing the head.

i mean, how are you going to match up ohms and plug it all in?

im guessing if you could match it, the speakers will get over worked anyway.

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It's a stereo amp ... dont use it for guitar but....


Bad idea man, the raw guitar signal could damage the speakers
Yeah, I guess amp, to amp, to speakers would be bad. Hmm, maybe I could wire the amp directly to the speakers... lol

The speakers are rated for 8ohms or under. What are most guitar amps.. 8-16ohms right?
I have plugged the headphone output of a preamp into a set of MP3 speakers when I was far from my amp. But home stereo speakers can have some weird ohms if you are talking hooking the speakers to the output of your head unit. If its a tube head its a good way to ruin the amp if there is a problem.
If the amp has a line out or a headphone out you might be able to split it to a red and white rca cable and hook it up the stereo. I don't think this will sound good though.

Edit: I just did this my my micro crush and it didn't sound too bad, a little better than the micro crush's 4 inch speaker.
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