I have recorded tons of amateur songs with primitive recording gear. I want to record directly into my pc. I have a Line-6 Spider III 150W combo, and it has a direct PC line, but I don't have the counterpart on my laptop, nor do I have the proper cable. What item do I need to buy in order to convert? it to USB so I can directly plug the amp into my laptop?? I also am wondering if it would sound good to use this same setup with a microphone hooked up to the amp to use for laying down vocals.
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You can run direct from that line out to your computer's line in port (usually blue) however it would be best to get an interface.

See UG Recording Video #1 linked in my sig on those.

Basically you need an instrument in on your interface and a TRS - TRS cable in 1/4"
Most interfaces today come with a Preamp and XLR input for mics. I suggest an interface setup if you want to work with vocals.

First see how running to your line in port works, sometimes it works fairly well for idea type recording.