I recently bought a dunlop crybaby classic and it doesn't seem to sound right when I go up and down when I play. Is there any techniques that would make using wah better? When I have it down it sounds bassy and when its up it sounds just a little bit lighter than what is was at before.
you have to step down on it hard and it should click and deactivate
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make sure you have your wah before your distortion pedals too, that could be the problem.
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try moving your foot more rapidly. you have to practice to see what kind of licks and patterns the wah sounds good on. try learning a song that has wah in it and replicating that sounds
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the wah can be limited in my opinion so you really need to look at the guitar as much if not more than the wah.
I know how to turn it on. And also I am using a distortian effect on my amp do you think that could be a reason as to why it might not sound as good? And if I got a distortian pedal would I have to have it on clean or would I put it on the distortian effect and then use the pedal?
The wah usually should be the first in the chain of effects. In other words, the lead from your guitar goes into the wah first. To achieve the "wah" effect, you have to rock the pedal forwards and backwards while playing.