Hello Folks

I just found an old ibanez Roadster that my dad owened like 20 years ago and its completly bare , no pickups , no bridge , just a neck and a body .

|I want to start to rebuild it and make it playable

but the problem is i dont know how to check the inotaion and neck and body if it is bent or messed up

So i am basically asking what do i do to check for problems and where would is start to rebuild it
your body is going to be fine, neck... probably fine. just take a gander at it, look down it from the headstock towards the body, make sure there is no significant twisting (a little bit is normal and usually okay, its wood after all... also mad uneven tension on both sides). If it has the Pro-rockr bridge, you probably wont be able to rebuild this guitar, you will likely have to route it for a real floyd rose. get pictures!
idk if that will need to have a new trem or not, but i think with a good look you can probably tell if it is twisted, or you can even take it to a shop and have someone take a quick gander. but you'll mainly need to find out what kind of bridge you'll need, thats probably the biggest conern.
ok here are the pics , i took a look down the neck and it dosent seem twisted or warped , but im sorta paroniod because its been in a garage for like 5 or 10 years

ok thanks man
and one more question , how do i find how what type of sand paper to use for the grain /?
ok thanks alot man , where should i look for a bridge , like i would prefer to look online , but somewhere in canada
ok thanks alot your being rreally helpfull ill keep up to date post of whats going on if your intrested or have any cool ideas for colours