im using D'Addario 10's right now, tuned to D standard

was wondering if different strings would make pinch harmonics easier
Crank the gain and they should be easier
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and use your bridge pickup
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its all about technique. practice more.

+1. I don't think strings should make a big difference. While technique is important gain can always make a decent pinch a bit louder and give it some sustain.
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its all about technique. practice more.


Once you get the method down you can pull them off with pretty much anything. You just have to know your guitar and were they sound best at and boost the gain. I can pull them off on any electric, acoustic, clean electric or bass guitar now lol Sure they sound the best on a boosted electric but the point is you can get them off on anything if you know how... So practice, practice and then practice some more..
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its all about technique. practice more.

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