Now our band is playing a show on the 13th. We have a crowd of about 200. We have a 100 watt tube amp Peavy Valve King I believe. And a Marshall half stack, i don't know how many watts the bass amp is. And I believe we're getting a P.A. system. I'm the lead vocalist but I'm also a guitarist [not for the band] so I know just a little about amps. Now do believe that's enough for the crowd we're playing? I don't have much experience with playing shows, this will actually be my first band show ever. And if you also have any advice on how to find a good balance in volume so everything can be heard just right. Please do tell. We seem to be getting better at finding it, but any tips will be much obliged.
a 100 watt peavey valveking is too much! Haha no its good
Make sure it's a good PA.

Go to the Bandleading thread, they can help you alot out there as far as gigging goes