So I changed my strings on my strat recently and only having 10s (set up for 9s) it is starting to have some buzz on around the 9th, 10th fret on the d or g string(mainly when they are bent) . My action is a lot higher then it was when it had the nines(floating bridge pulled upward now) , so I'd assume there would be less chance for fret buzzing. Could a high action also be responsible for the buzzing as well as a low action. Am I doing any damage to my guitar by letting the bridge being pulled up more?
Just an idea - you might check the frets. I'm not too familiar with high action, since I only ever use it for slide work.
It hink it just that I start my bends in the middle of the fret. So when i bend it the angle of the string is to high to come off of the fret cleanly so it sort of sounds like i'm not pushing down hard enough or something.