I been playing for almost 2 years with no lessons and I been playing with my picking hand rested on the bridge but recently found out by multiple sources that its better to have the hand float and not use an achor. I find its hard to control the pick like that. What do you guys do??
when im picking i keep it in the air, resting it is harder. Keep it in the air, you'll need it for faster songs.
I usually anchor it by putting my pinky on the body.
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I usually anchor it by putting my pinky on the body.

Same, but really I don't have one set style, for palm-muting it'll be on the bridge, and like someone above said for faster stuff that may change, really it should come down to playing what is comfortable. Unless, you play certain styles that use the right hand and its position in specific spots, ie; classical guitar.
Im still kinda new at guitar but I find that playing without anchoring is results in far less tension. I played pinky anchored for about 3 months and one day I just picked my hand up. It may be harder to pick like that but after a while it becomes natural. So now whenever I put my pinky down, my wrist feels stiff and I lift it anyway. Try to play without anchoring for a day and play slowly. Then whenever you play again, see what comes natural/comfortable.
I do it and I don't find it a bad habit at all. At least, in my case it's not. What I do is make sure to not put enough pressure so that my ability to string-skip isn't restricted. When I have to play faster stuff without a lot of skipping, I tend to anchor more.

Edit: What I meant is that my wrist isn't exactly anchored, it's just in contact with the bridge, without being rested on it.
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