i recently have added a few new pedals to my collection but was wondering what is the best order, if there is any order at all, to line your pedals up, as i just have them in random order. I have a fulltone ocd overdrive, a crybaby wah, a digitech whammy and a boss rc-2 loop station, currently in that order. is this the most effective order to have the pedals in, or should there be a specific order to use? im playing through an american strat into a marshall tsl60 combo if it helps
That's what I'd do.
Sometimes I like putting the wah before the distortion, just for a new tone.
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whammy first, then wah, then overdrive

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the order depends on the style of music you play and how u play
place the pedals in the order u feel is most efficient for u coz dude ur the one turning on and off the pedals not someone else

I've noticed that having a wah after an distortion/overdrive pedal usually weakens the sweep a little bit.
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