sounds pretty good!
i really like the vocals,
the drums might need a little more fills for my taste though.
The harmonic thing was pretty cool too
Definitely some good chunky riffs in there. I would go ahead and try to expand on it, give it more color. personally the singing isn't really my style, but I can see how it works. I definitely liked the harmonic thing, I would say try layering more of that sort of thing over the main chunky riffs, give it more texture and depth ya know?

very cool man
A very solid sounding song but the singing's just sounds like someone recorded over an instrumental, it doesnt sound like a part of the song
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Sounds awesome man, singer is really good as far as I'm concerned. Only thing I didn't like was how you slowed the song down and had the guitar playing this lame slow bit. IMO this song calls for a seriously kickass heavy guitar solo, not something so quiet in the middle. Or if you're sold on teh quiet bit the guitar could play something more interesting and build back up to the main riff.

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well, the music is quite decent, but definitely the vocalist is horrible, I hear him singing out of tune many times :p

keep practising and replace the vocalist and you get a nice band!

I really like the main riff. The drums need to tighten up a bit and the song structure could use some work. The vocalist doesn't fit what you would normally hear in that style of music but I don't really think that is a bad thing. He does need some work but that would be what sets you apart from the rest of the bands in the genre.
Thanks for the crit. First off very cool song. I thought everything, the drumming, guitars and vocals were all solid.I actually liked the slowed down bit of the song, it added variety to the song. Overall well done, good work.
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I love the song. But you need to get a bit "tighter"
Vocals are great, I love his voice.
But instrumentally it's a bit choppy, and I agree that it needs a solo, not a breakdown in the middle. Just keep it up!

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