Yeah! I just bought my first electric guitar! An Ibanez GAX70. Yeah, I'm a beginner. The price was right ($100)! I hope to have some pix up on the profile soon. Boy, I'm excited!
Congrats and welcome to the world of guitar. It's a fun and interesting place, just make sure to ignore the idiots that you'll inevitably run in to.

UG has a ton of useful information in it's many threads and there are quite of few individuals who can provide useful information if you have specific questions.

/tour guide

Seriously though congrats.
Haha, I remembered when i got my first electric. Such a fun time from trying to bend on acoustic strings and crap T_T
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welcome to the zoo....tell the monkeys to get back in their cages if they bitch to much,we all gotta start with what we can afford.Good luck.
Where'd you get it from? I've gotten all of my guitars from the Daddy's in Burlington, great shop.
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Where'd you get it from? I've gotten all of my guitars from the Daddy's in Burlington, great shop.

I bought the guitar used, but the gig bag says Daddy's. I've been to the one in Burlington, and it's a nice one.
Congrats, I love those cheap Ibanezes
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GOD! You are in for a changing way in your life! If you are devoted enough to the instrument you will have fun, and learn to express your self without having to sing ^^(i find guitar is WAY more fun than to sing) It is hard at the start, and kind of noisy and annoying(at least to me!) But becomes funner and funner, it's all muscle memory! So Welcome! and don't give up on it!
Congrats dude... The road to becoming an epic guitar player is long and crowded full of idiot... just keep on going ^^ nd dont give up no matter how hard things get
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