I took a broken 30gb ipod and an 80gb and made one ipod, everything is peachy keen except i can't get either touch wheel to work with it, anyone been through this?

I would rather use the 30gb ipods wheel because I'm returning the 80gb shell to the store with the broken 30gb parts inside, so the wheel needs to be black so i gotta use my original wheel...

anyway, aside from my blatantly dishonest plot against circuit city, any suggestions?
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to be completely honest, no.
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Oh I know! The wheel is broken!
Really, nobody is going to have an easy fix for you, you need to take it in. How about the warranty?
i think i figured it out, I think its a ground problem.....

After u take it apart u void the warranty
i play drums and guitar :
the wheel is one of hte harder things to fix.

If it's not working, and you're sure everything is plugged in correctly, then I suggest buying a new wheel off ebay.

Btw, are you sure that the parts would fit?
Generally with Apple, crossing generations isn't very compatible.