ok so i ordered the randall rg50tc form musicians friend only thing is its been backordered for 2 months and who knows how much longer it will be, im starting to think about buying the Esp Ltd h-500 but heres the thing i have a gig coming up in 6 months and i only have a crate 15w, so i need a new amp, but i also want a new guitar because i play alot of diff tunings and i have floyd =( the guitar is an esp ltd kh-202, so anyone help me out? one more thing only one i can guarantee get the other ill have to hope i can save for it in 6 months. o and i can borrow an amp for the gig if need be
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you have 6 months....
Epiphone G-400!!!!!!!!

Washburn Bass!!!

Cordovox tube amp

Crate bass amp!!!

Kustom PA
yea but im also going to school so i wont be working but 1 hour a day or less
i was gonna rent an amp for free form a friend but what u guys think i should do?
save up money and buy a used half stack or combo amp and when your show comes up rent an amp if you have to