Hey guys i took some time to read the stickies and also did some reading on different pick-ups and such. I'm shopping for some new guitar gear (Guitar, Amp, and distortion pedal) with a budget of around $500 dollars. I was thinking it was time to ditch my starcaster and 10 watt fender suck amp . It would be good to add that I am into playing Metal such as neo-classical, heavy metal, pentatonic scales, harmonic minor, shredding (I hope to keep this guitar for a long time) Melodic and a bit of blues "only a bit of backbone for metal". As for the amp, ill mostly need a better practice amp to use the full tone of my guitar. I'm looking for a sort of crunchy sound when it comes to tone and i hope all three (amp, guitar, and pedal) can help. I would also like to play a bit of soft stuff such as breakdowns or smooth passages.

Below are my choices of Guitar, Amp, and Pedal. I wanted a bit of insight from you guys on the items.


(Amp) I was thinking of a roland micro cube, or a good valve amp, as above i need something with good tone so i can practice with distortion/clean and i can take to a few places.

(pedal) I was thinking of a Boss DS-1 all i need is thick. thin distortion when it comes to extra distortion. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-DS-1-Distortion-Pedal-100086787-i1124466.gc

Thank you in advance guys
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I was basically thinking since the amp is so small i could use a bit of extra distortion to it. Do you have any input on the guitars? Action, Tone, Pick-ups, Tech. etc?
I saw another amp the peavey vypyr now im having trouble deciding between that and the micro cube.

(vypyr): http://www.guitarcenter.com/Peavey-Vypyr-15-15W-1x8-Guitar-Combo-Amp-482908-i1413605.gc

(roland micro cube):http://www.guitarcenter.com/Roland-Micro-Cube-Combo-Amp-481169-i1175936.gc

I'm going to sleep now, hopefully i can get some nice input on the guitars, amps, and the pedal or pedals to get.
Well, guitar wise all I can tell you is go out and play some (this is Guitar Gear and Accessories, so you'll get more help with amp then anything else). Amp wise, I would suggest maybe a Crate V series and a Boss DS-1 or Bad Monkey Overdrive. Or (if you can find it) an Ibanez TS-5 (basically a tubescreamer in a plastic housing, very good pedal none the less).
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I really don't know much about those guitars, but keep in mind that a flying v could possibly make practicing much less comfortable, as it is harder to rest on your legs.
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Well, the DS-1 is crap. The amp's built-in distortion is much better.

Never played deans, don't know. Both Jackson and Ibanez make good guitars at your price level, though.

The amp actually models the DS-1 pedal, so it will sound exactly the same.
If you like metal or hard rock, the Vendetta will be good for you. I have on and it works really really good for the price.

Edit: Oh, i played the Vypyr yesterday. The 75watt, 300$ one. It sounded really good on the distortion channel. It suprised me when I started to play.
Thanks for everyone's input, ill go over to the electric guitar forums for some insight on the guitars