ask your teacher thats what they are for...
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3x^2 +4X + 1

It factors to:


I am not sure if those are what you are talking about and how to explain them. Ask your teacher.

Thats a polynomial... i believe

x intercepts are when y is equal to zero yes?


you can find the x intercepts by making the right side of the equation equal 0.

therefore, one x intercept is +3, one is -4, one is +5 and one is -1.

you plot them points on the x axis. now you know your polynomial will go through those points.

is any of that right? gosh i hope so...

to find any other points, just substitute a number (eg. 10) into the equation as x. then solve. easy!

i hope?

BTW. a polynomial is a non linear line on a graph.


parabola, hyperbola and cubics.

do you know that..?
i suck but THATS OK!
Thanks breaknahabit, I guess I'll just ask my teacher when I get back. I used to be good at them but forgot. I had an 75-80 average in math, not good, but not terrible and they put me in honors. WTF? I really think its going to be too much.
how old are you? im living in NZ so the year grading is different.

Yeah it looks worrying, but its really not. just do a few with your teacher and you'll click and say "man I feel like a douche, i could do this years ago." dont worry.

^speaking from experience
i suck but THATS OK!