You were the face in the crowd
That shone out the brightest
The one in the thousands
That broke through the night as
A boy took a chance
And asked you for a dance

His hands were clammy
But he held yours just right
His feet were clumsy
But it didn't break his smile
He did his best to keep the time
You said "Don't worry, we've got all night"

So as the songs kept coming
You decided to stay there
The conversation
He tried to make was
Was awkward from the start
But you still felt a spark

Well, there were many steps
You took beyond that night
The occasional trip-up
That made for one more fight
But the music would not be stopped
And so the dance was never dropped

That boy who took your hand so long ago
Became a man you felt you knew
Who bent his knee and asked
Your hand for one more dance

His hands were clammy
But he held yours just right
His fingers trembled
But still he smiled wide
He tried to ask it right
You said "We've got a lifetime"

Well the beat has a varied over the years
Slowed down, sped up, with laughs and tears
But the tune is still the same
And the steps will never change.

I'm getting ready to go through this and edit it, possibly expand it, so in your crits if you could possibly let me know where some gaps are that may need filling and what needs changing. I realize some of the wording is really lame, I apologize for that. Thanks. C4C