Hi, we improved the older version of Vida Eterna. This time we hope we can get better comments even though last time they were not that bad. The song is in our profile which is this one, forgiven band. We hope you like it!! Plz check it out and feel free to comment. Lol. BTW, we added the lead guitar just today, in fact, right now. Plz check it out!! Also, Conciencia is not recorded with the same gear/quality as Vida Eterna. Conciencia is just a demo recorded in a really short amount of time. Plz check it out and feel free to comment about Vida Eterna.
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i thought the first one did suck, the second one was pretty good, i'd scrap the first one all together bu thats just me, the guitars sound synthetic in the first one and it's too simple, i almost didn't even bother listening to the second one, but i'm glad i did.
the bit at the end (the lead section) should be played more throughout the song, like at the intro or something.

good job, very tight production.
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its alright, very screeching weasel at the end =D
only problem is.. if there's any bass in there ya really cant hear it, a couple of walking basslines could really give it a bit of life.
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please stop bumping this thread.

I'll listen tomorrow.
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please stop bumping this thread.

I'll listen tomorrow.

What else am I supposed to do? I want comments. I need comments/
Way too generic. Sounds like every pop punk band that had heavy rotation on VH1. Try to break away a little bit.

Get some lyrics too and you should be all set.