Will it ever be the same

It’s been so long
I know it hasn’t been easy
Memories of the past penetrate me
Deep into my soul were I wait
Pictures appear in my mind
Of the places I once knew
Will it ever be the same?

Once a glass shatters
It can never be the same
But I try glue the pieces together
Longing for the past once held dear
Nothing looks the same
The dull portrait of my sight
Will it ever be the same?

I can see life beyond this darkness
But I can’t seem to grasp it
To hold it tight in my hands
And feel the warmth of what used to be
Or what could be…
The frames of my mind are bent
And they may always be like that
Will it ever be the same?
good one! i don't know why but i think of Journey when i read it... write it yourself?
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