So it's been a long time since i quit my old band and since then i've tried to put a band together with my cousin (i play guitar and want to do backup vox; my cousin plays drums). Just last week we played with a bassist and it was all good (we're still looking for a female vocalist). Today we were gonna practice but the bassist never showed up. He told me later today that his old band wants him back and he wants me to be in it too as singer and one of the guitarists.

I don't know what to do. I've been dreaming of the day that my cousin and i can actually play together in a band but now i get this offer. I'm pretty sure that if i stay with my cousin the bassist won't follow us, but i feel bad joining and leaving my cousin alone. It's really hard to get a bassist here... we'd been looking for one since december or so.

Where do i go?

Also... i tend to be kinda controlling regarding my music. Not bitchy, but i do tend to be all, "why don't you play something like this?" or... "how about this comes here and then you wait for this?" This wasn't a problem with my cousin because it was only us two and i'm the most "visionary" and experienced of the two. They told me they have 6 originals right now but with no lyrics/vocal melodies and i'll be free to come up with them. On the good side, they're looking into playing at a local festival...
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Side project. Say it's your side project, since you're waiting for this current band. If you find you think it's a bad move, then leave and focus on the other band. Who knows, it may be the best thing you've done, and maybe they end up kicking out the drummer, and your cousin can join. So go for it, brother.

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stay with your cousin and keep looking for a bassist, and join the other band,
believe me, its not too hard to juggle two bands, ive done it
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Thanks guys... i hope something works out.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
Yeah, do both. It's easy, as long as you don't double book gigs. Plus it's actualy good for you as a musician to jam with different musicians, it expands your playing and your influences as well as gaining you extra experience.
yeah, don't double book gigs. but if both of your bands are playing at the same gig and you get onstage for the latter of the two, people say,"what?!?!?!? didn't i see that guy before?!?!?" it gets really funny sometimes. i've done that, but i had much different circumstances.