You've got them all fooled,
Too lazy to do whats expected of you
When your all alone it's easy not to care
Cept when your caught in the mirror
Shattering Stare
It's tough when your on med
In bed at night they come to your head

Why are you so fake x2
Stop lying to yourself

I think I would show true
If I distanced myself from you
went away from the places where you set your lure
A scent so strong, such a cer
Your not the one for him,
I'm the one for you

Why are you so fake x10
Stop lying to yourself x1.5
I like it and the idea that it brings. One thing i think though is just try to break it up some and maybe use a little punctuation. A little bit of cleaning up and it will sound even better
a bitmean, haha but it does have a good concept

honesty is key, and you seem pretty honest. good job, keep it up

mine is "The animals" if you would kindly tell me what you think