Okay, so as you can tell from what's in my sig, I'm starting to feel like I'm outgrowing the instruments I own. I've been playing for many years, and the only guitar I ever bought brand new was the Peavey Predator (which is a decent budget guitar with a Floyd Rose, but I could really do much, much better).

So I'm thinking that before I get myself another band put together, I am looking into something that would work well for me. So far, the choices I'm looking at range from budget (but better quality) guitars to well-respected brand names. My style is primarily progressive rock, though I like to thrash out once in a while and play some effing METAL.

My price range is under $1000. Preferably, under $750.

Currently, I'm thinking of pursuing either a Michael Kelly Vex, Laguna (unsure of the model number, but there is a nice one with a flame maple top and Wilkinson trem), or some kind of Fender. I'm also looking into a Yamaha RGA. The one that's got the pockets of extremely light wood, and the LEDs around the pickup selector. My requirements are a guitar with at the very least locking tuners/roller (or graphite) nut, nothing too extreme for shape (no Vs or Xs. I'm primarily a double-cutaway person), no metallic or opaque finishes, unless they're black or red. I like the look of the flame of the wood. Decent pickups are a must. So they must be able to handle respectable clean tones, as well as deliver a decent amount of thrashy goodness when needed.

I'm not really looking for another Floyd Rose-equipped guitar (ruling out any Ibanez RG), but I do want a trem. I'm thinking of an Ibanez SA.

On a somewhat unrelated note, just how good would a Jazzmaster be for some progressive rock styles? I know I've seen a guitarist from The Aurora Project play one on stage, without a problem, but would a stock one be just good enough to get me some nice prog tones?

Anyways, sorry if this is a really stupid thread that's exactly like every other thread out there. I guess I'm just looking for an honest opinion.
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Get a jazzmaster they are uber cool
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Try an Ibanez, Parker Fly, Jackson, or Indie.

They make good rock(metal)/blues guitars, and because they're not enormous like Fender and Gibson, they have some good, cheap guitars.

Make friends with a dealer - that's how I get great deals.

Good luck - hope you make a good decision.