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What do you mean suprised ?

I think he meant the facial expressions.

Manhattan: It's a good cover, good guitar sound and a clean performance. Well done.

Miami: It's sounding good so far, will be good to hear the finished piece. There a few dead notes in the performance but nothing that can't be ironed out, clean it up a little and it'll be even better.
Oh that ...
My mini dv tape was running out of time so I kept looking all the time watching if camcorder would turn off ! haha crazy stuff I know

Miami is just a riff and I spent very little time doing the recording. The idea there was to get better auidio and video recording. It has better background, more lighting, its more clear and the audio is directly from computer sync to video unlike Manhattan that picked up everything trough camcorder!

Thanks for the comment keep them coming - I would really appreciate them on youtube as well as rating the videos !
Guys I just did my website today !
Check it out and let me know how you like it. Sing up for mailing list if you want to keep in touch.