I have just uploaded these songs:

Wanted Dead or alive - Bon Jovi cover
Jumpin' jack flash - Frampton Cover
Mr. Jones cover - Counting Crows
Wish you where here - Pink Floyd Cover.

Please leave some comments and I'll do the same for you.

If anything is bad just remember I started guitar a month ago.

Thanks a lot!!
on Wish You Were Here:

Throughout most of the song, it sounds like you're not holding the strings down hard enough (or you're touching open strings when you strum), so you're getting this buzzing noise. You also got out of time with the original quite a bit.

You need to work on staying in time and fretting chords better to get a clean sound.

Also, you have this weird thing where I'm only getting your playing out of my left speaker... it's kind of annoying really. Did you record this on a mono channel? If so, try recording on a stereo channel from now on. If not, it wasn't mixed properly.

Otherwise, there weren't really any major screw-ups. Nice effort.
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Sounds pretty good for only playing a few months. I listened to Mr Jones and Wanted. Sounds like you're not pressing the strings hard enough, and also probably strumming a little too hard. That makes a lot of extra noise. But it sounded good. Keep it up! I have a bunch of stuff you can check out on my profile.
Man, Thanks guys! @drossboot, Yeah maybe because it was night and I was trying not to be loud? I don't know but I will re do them. Thanks