So I'm a bluesy/jazzy/funky guitarist.
I've pretty much gotten some staple techniques and things down like Alt. Picking, Pentatonic scale, etc.
But I can't seem to write my own songs, riffs, which lead me to believe I'm not ready.
The riffs I do come up with disappoint me, and I ditch them.
So where do I go from here?
What should I learn/perfect before I start writing songs?
What are things that a guitarist of that which I described needs to have mastered?
Learn more scales, chord construction, maybe sweep picking just to look awesome. Just write stuff until you find something you like. You may play 500 notes and only decide that you liked a riff of 5 notes out of that 500.
It always amazes me to hear of players who have mastered a lot of technical aspects of guitar but express difficulty to write their own music. I have always had the opposite problem. Never had the discipline until recently to sit down and practice technique. My mind always wanted to just "Jam" or "Mess around" all over the neck.

For me personally, I think it helps too not overthink what Im doing on the guitar. Instead of trying to cram in as many of the techniques is possible... Try writing a chord progression and then noodle around in a scale...Let your ear be your guide...Just play whatever melodys pop into your head at the time and dont be too critical of yourself!

If that doesnt work...Try learning/listening to new styles of music...A lot of times if we dont branch out we become a little uninspired.

thats all I got for now but theres tons of things you can do man. Good luck
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yeah... stop trying to be perfect...your never gonna satisfy yourself

just jam around with whatever sounds good, try to remember it, and put stuff together piece by piece.

i relate writing music to writing papers in school. you're going to be sloppy with the first rough draft, all it takes is some revising.
Learn more scales, and chords.
Understand music theory, and how certain notes fit within a certain key.
Get a recording program, record some riffs arrange them in the way you like and then you have a song!.
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