I've never owned a multi-effects pedal. Are they any good?

I'm thinking about getting a Boss ME-20 or Digitec RP500 or RP250. But I love the classid Digital Delay and Chorus from Boss. Should I build up a pedal board with individual pedals or go with the multi-effects pedal. Is the delay in these pedals even digital? Stereo? What do you recommend?

BTW, I will be recording, giggin, and hauling this stuff around. I currently play rock/metal out of a B52 AT212 with effects loop, and a Yamaha Fifty 2-10 SS.

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The only good boss multieffects are their GT series.

I would highly recommend Zoom multieffects, they are pretty damned good. You can get a GFX series from them for pretty cheap on ebay. No plastic either like the digitech's, they're metal.
Get a multi-fx, but a big one like a Boss GT-10. They are much easier to carry around/deal with that pedalboards. The GT-10 and GT-8 I think have all the stompboxes in them.

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Get Boss gt-10 or gt-8 or Line 6 pod xt live or pod x3 live or zoom g9.2tt. .Preety good things!!

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You have a tube amp; individual pedals would be generally better.

If you have little experience with effects though, I'd suggest a cheap multi-fx unit to play around with and see which effects you like and which you could do without.

You could always check out videos on YouTube and the like to hear what each effect gives you too.
I've been thinking about a Digitech RP250 recently. I've heard good things about them.
Especially that if I would buy individual pedals, I wouldn't pay alot for them.
Here, you have everything together for a descent price and no need for a pedalboard.