hey guys, i am planning on buying a tiny terror and a cab to go with it. I have read on some sites that the 1x12 orange cab isn't good quality. I've been looking around and have figured that the best cab to get is the fender hot rod deluxe enclosure because its cheap and good quality. my price range is $300 and was wondering if you had any other cabs in mind or anything about the tiny terror, thanks.
Avatar cabs are good as well as cheap. You can choose colors as well.
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seriously get a cab with a G12H in it, i played a TT combo yesterday and with that speaker it sounds sooooo good
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Avatar cabs are good as well as cheap. You can choose colors as well.


This would be your best bet.

For the record, Orange cabs are excellent quality. I probably wouldn't pair the TT with their 1x12 because I prefer other speakers and open backed cabs - but I'd never say that they weren't very well built.

Also, look for 16 ohm cabs. Orange amps are designed to run with them - that's why all Orange cabs are 16 ohms.
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