they're only 150.

Why not get the Dual recto? They're 100 watts but other than that the same thing. You don't need 150 watts =/

Anyways, get the matching MESA 4x12 cab if you can afford it.
Not that I know of. They had a 200w per side stereo power amp once.. Which I think could be "bridged" to do 400w mono.

Edit: Metallica uses them with their TriAxis'
These go to eleven...
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Wow i feel very stupid.
Mesa do make a head thats 300 watts dont they?

I cbf to check but maybe one of their bass amps? (even though I'm not suggesting you buy on for guitar...just in the concept of high wattage amps)

edit: booyah, 1200watts http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Bass_Amps/titan/titan.html
though I still give those Ampeg SVTs kudos for doing 300watt tube amps

and like mentioned above, just go with the Dual Rectifier
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Cheap and that many watts dont work to well. If it has that many watts it wont be cheap or if it is wont be very good. And its very unlikely you will be needing 300 watts unless you plan to play woodstock without a PA system.