Hey guys i have a budget now after buying the Les paul standard of $300-350 AUD for an amp

Don't know much about amps but for that kind of price...what can i get?

I will be playing some soft+hard rock maybe some metal too?

I was thinking about the Ronald Cube 30W or the Marshall MG15CDR

Not planning to take this amp to any gig...

Any more suggestions on different amps for that kind of price?

Really need help....have a guitar but no amp

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the Marshall

How bout no?

The cube is miles better.
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I just got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and have the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT. Great Amp!
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The cube 30 is a brilliant beginners amp, lots of decent effects to play around with, very nice cleans and the distortion is miles better than the Marshall too. Never had a chance to play a Vox but I've heard good things.
I love the cleans, low and mid gain channels on the Vox Valvetronix series. They sound great for a modeling amp, and some nice effects to boot =). But if you like to play metal I would check out the Cube's R-ifer channel its pretty heavy, The Vox has more vintage amp models i.e. '59 Fender Bassman, '83 Marshall JCM 800 etc, etc. IMO if you don't play modern heavy stuff I would jump on the Vox.
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