So at the moment i have an old (late 90's - early 2000's) Desktop, which in the process of my sub-bootleg recordings i blew a bit of the sound card. I dont know whats specifically wrong but i know its in the computer (I changed the speakers and still same thing). But this is not the problem. I now have an excuse to go out and buy a fancy new laptop. But being the poor guy i am it cant be to much. Does anyone know of any models which they enjoy for recording? I do rather enjoys macs and would like to give garage band a spin but i dont think they're terribly affordable.
What do you guys think?

in my opinion PCs work fine for recording (even if Logic is a really cool program)

just get yourself something a lot of RAM
in most of todays computers the CPUs are fast enough (if you're mainly just recording and not running 3 billion software synths and VST instruments you'll be fine)
and save yourself some money for an USB or firewire audio interface (around $200 or more if you need more seperate audio channels) and an external harddrive