hey guys, i ordered some parts of warmoth to build mself a guitar and i needa to know how to finish the body.

im thinking of using danish oil as it seems to be a good and simple finish but i was looking at bunnigns adn they had spray cans of polyurethane, enamel or lacquer and i was wondering, can i danish oil the body hen spray it with one of the cans for added protection?

the other thign i was looking at was just titled stain adn varnish, woud this be any good?

im defnately having a clear fnish on thsi guitar as the top is zebra wood and i want those sexy stripes to show
You use oil OR lacquer, not both. The lacquer won't stick to oil. And danish or tung oil are sufficient.

You can stain and then varnish or lacquer it instead, the stain would colour the wood, but it will till show through.
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