Dear Original R&R,

This is the final mix of a track my band recorded a few months ago, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out. It was written around the time that I realised that I was being a dick to women.

Let me know what you think!



www.myspace.com/danedwill The track's I.N.V.U. (I'm Not Very Understanding)

PS Crit4Crit, obviously

I break hearts like a brick breaks glass
Thrown with good intentions
Aimed with unskilled hands
The broken shards stick hard in my heels
They make it so hard
For me to walk away
So the only think running is time out of the door
Sat in bed with a body I don't feel anything for
Oh, you put your money where your mouth is
So I put your money where my money is

Taking out my anger on the bedroom wall
Sweat and tears indistinguishable
You'll never know just what makes me tick
You may have seen my face
But not what's moving my hands

Love's not digital
It's an analogue signal and I swear that it's not strong
Your eyes turn from "noughts" into "one"s
And as your breath slows
I collect my clothes
I wouldn't say I'm running, more avoiding the kiss
That'll turn these two ships into something I'll miss
The ocean stays the same
But the fish still change
They're swimming upstream
Oh, what do these dreams mean?