This is my first post here so I am hoping to get some help deciding.

I am in the market for a new "starter" guitar. I've been using my friend's fathers ibanez (forget the model name), he said its comparable to the GRX20. I think it came in a starter kit from Ibanez. He gave that one to me after digging in his garage for a bit, but now I gave that one to my cousin. And after looking at a lot of the guitars I decided to get the Ibanez GRX20 for myself.

Problem is that There are 2 colors the Jewel Blue and the Black. I have seen the Black, looks nice. But no music shops or guitar centers or anywhere has the blue in stock. So I had to special order it from guitar center. I have only seen the blue one on the internets in pictures.

So I am hoping either someone has the blue one or soomeone can comment on it. The guya t GC tried to show em some blue colors but they all were a little different and he said the the Ibanez was a bit darker than the ones he showed me.

I have a Peavey Vypyr 15 is that matters at all, like if someone is going to try and convince me not to get the Ibanez...

I just need help deciding which color to get since I have never seenthe blue one, and GC is going to order it thursday since Ibanez is closed (labor day), so I'd like to decide before then.
Not that this is anything to do with the colour but
why limit youself to GRX20?
If you've already played something similiar why get the same thing?
Try out some different guitars.Finish doesn't really matter that much in my opinion.
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its not the finish at all, I tried out all the guitars in my price range. I'm still a beginner(3 months) in my opinion and want a starter guitar to keep. The one I was using was fairly beat up.

but I've decided to get the GRX20, and there are 2 colors. I jsut dont know which of the colors to get. I'll definitely pick one of the other though.
colour isnt everything-try some other guitars. jacksons are similar to ibanez.
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I'm leaning towards the black one. I bought/paid/ordered the blue one so that if I decide to get it I wouldn't have to go back again until they got it. Instead of having to go back, order it and then go back again to pick it up. The cashier just said if i wanted the black one they have in stock just bring the receipt, return the blue one i ordered and buy the black one.
I'm gonna pick up the black one on the way to work. After looking at the pictures online, the blue one looks a bit too glossy/bright for my taste. The black is very clean looking and like skateordie said, classic.