Hi there!

Im the guitar player from the band DISASSEMBLED.

Im sharing with you my last home made recording.

Here in the UG foruns , with the various experiences shared by many of you, i got very nice tips for a decent home made recording.

Im pre-producing the first album, out maybe in 2009, making solos, riffs, and working with my long time friend vocalist Ricardo the main structure.

This EP 2.0 was recorded at my home and a friends home.

Feedback your opinion,

download from here:



awesome songs, awesome quality

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Quote by leony03
what stuff do you use to record?
love the song also =)

since i worked in my bedroom all the instrumental stuff ( the vocal parts was recorded in a friend studio), i spent a lot off time searching in the web for the best way to record and program.

I chosed EZdrummer for the drums, Nuendo, some stuff from Native Instruments, some plug ins and my old Charvel with a LIne6 Pod XT. nothing to fancy or expensive