Hey guys,

anyways I'll be getting a new guitar soon with a fixed bridge so I can switch between difference tunings without the floyd rose induced headache. I'll be leaving my current FR guitar in e standard with a regular 10-42 guage but I was wondering what guage I should put on my new guitar which I'll use for other tunings. I want to kinda be able to get a guage that allows me to go down to C standard without going horribly slack but I also might want to go up to d standard or maybe drop d without them being too tight or ****ing up the guitar in anyway.

So, any suggestions?

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id say 12-56 its what i use and i go from drop c to drop d regularly and its fine i once went down to drop b for one song and they still had enough tension
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10-52 or higher.
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Washburn X50 Pro
Epiphone Korina Explorer
Line 6 Flextone III 75w
what are your other guitars in?

my ESP is in drop C with 10-52's on it
ibanez is 7 string standard
and my explorer is drop D with 10-52's on it too

you could always leave the one guitar in C
one in D and your FR one in E

and your 4th in what ever you want
I use Ernie 0.9 - 0.42s and I can get Drop-C, drop-D, Dsus, E-Octave, and CFBbEbAD which I believe is C-natural.