now THAT'S a pickle
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Yeah. The x's are mutes, so you strum it like a chord but instead of letting the notes ring out you mute them with your fretting hand.

So, I think the tab is just slightly out of line at the start...


Play the seven with your first finger, the 9 with your 3rd finger. Then for the mute between the 7 and 9, place your 2nd finger on the string without fretting; try not to create a natural harmonic though. For the higher strings just mute them with your first finger.

Hope that helps?
x's are where you mute the strings as you strum them.

But if your asking for advice, mine is to choose a song that isn't wank.
cheers helraizer i think i get it now.

but i wasn't intending on playing it i was just curious as to what to do.