Highly rated Tokai guitar for sale, not chinese/korean this is the higher end Japanese build
Its been said many times that they make guitars every bit as good as gibson.
I would say this is better than the les paul special I sold recently, and my friend thinks its as playable, and as good as the standard, but we shall leave that to opinion.
heres some pics

heres some reviews

I am asking for £380 will ship or you can collect, it has a gig bag.

Body: Maple 2PCS top, mahogany back
Neck: Mahogany set-neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: LS-VB bridge, LS-VT tailpiece
Pickups: PAF-Vintage MK2
Controls: 2V 2T, 3way-SW


In 1982 the western guitar market was shocked into submission. Never before had it seen instruments of such quality from a Japanese builder. Tokai had come to town and had changed the entire perception of the guitar world forever!

Their arrival brought about a knee-jerk reaction from the world’s existing major manufacturers. However by this time, Tokai had firmly established itself as a builder of unquestionable reputation and precision. Unlike many of its competitors, Tokai founded by Tadayouki Adachi in Hamamatsu in 1947, still remains a genuine family concern. Now headed by its current President, Shohei Adachi, Tokai still retains the philosophy of absolute commitment to quality.
the action is super low, condition is superb. literally looks brand new, small mark near the back. but I only just noticed that now.
Its probably slightly darker in reality as well. slightly redder
I so want this, you have no idea. If you were in Edi I'd jump on this. Good luck with the sale man. I have an original LS75 which is AMAZING. Older version with Gibson headstock. Amazing guitars and this is a good price people!
Thanks Pott i think its a good price as well, it is priced to sell.
I welcome viewers. I will ship internationally if the buyer pays shipping costs.
I was looking for one of these about 2 months ago

That is the nicest finish I have seen on a Les Paul. These guitars are fantastic and at that price im tempted to go overdrawn! I wont though. I'd wish you the best of luck selling it but at that price you shouldnt need luck, people should be biting your hand off to get it.

I really really wish I had the money. Free bump i guess
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Thanks dude,It sure makes GNR stuff sound great

dont tempt me...

suppose it cant hurt seeing if i have anything else to sell... I can raise the prices of my art significantly and trade you a few paintings for it
I have had a few offers of trades, peavey classic and strat, I am open to the offers,but I think cash might be best.
Unless is a Gibson standard. or straight swap with no extra cash for a highway one strat or standard strat
yes something like that probably a few more dollars not sure of the conversion, its bloody nice as well, plays like a dream