There's a few songs i play that require you to hit 3/4 strings consecutively(for example the 2nd riff in Megadeth's Go to hell), and theres an excess of leftover noise as the previous string rings; it makes the sound coming from the amp not nearly as concentrated as id like (on the album you can hear every note as if its being played by itself). Ive tried taking my finger off the note right after i hit it, but that doesnt work all that great, and doesnt work for open strings. anyone have advice?
noise gate pedal? i dunno, i never have this problem, because i find when i have noise i just change my pickup selector to the neck position, which pretty much decreases all noise
I think palm muting might be my best bet, Id like to watch someones left hand up close as they do it to see if they do it differently than me. So if you guys were to play each note in a chord(with heavy distortion and the treble pickup) youd just put your fingers in a chord position and wouldnt move your fingers until it was time to play the next chord?
Thanks for the responses
Try the palm muting techique. The technique should slightly dampen the sound produced by the strings while still allowing for them to ring slightly. There are a few different techniques for muting strings but my prefered technique is to place the impact hand over the bridge of the guitar so that the fleshy part of the hand is coming into slight contact with the strings. It takes some practice to perfect this technique but essentially what you want to achieve is an audible ringing that lasts no longer than a few seconds.

Hope that was useful.
also, one thing Dave Mustaine does is to kill the notes using his pick
its an alternative to palm muting, and if you do it right it sounds really good
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It's a skill not many rythyms players acquire, but it becomes a habit, I only know of james hetfield, dave mustaine, and the rythym player from ac dc that know how to do this (mustaine said it himself), but you kill the strings after strum, and other over all way to clean up your playing such as muting unused strings and using all your fingers (unless you can't) instead of baring power chords.
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