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Ibanez Bass

Not exactly sure what model it is, color is 'Jewel Blue', 22 frets. Missing truss rod cover, scratches here and there, a visible 'ding' near the neck. Truss rod MAY be striped. I was playing around with it a lot when I first got it because the action was too low. At the moment, the first few frets buzz a lot. I got it for $360, it's an GIO.

Comes with Ashton gigbag.

Price: OFFER


Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

It's the old version with no reverb, picked it up on eBay in America for about $55USD

Price: $40 (not including shipping)

MXR M-108 Ten Band EQ

Also picked this up in America, I'm pretty sure it works because when I tried to plug it in using one of those power converter adapters, it got fried (the American power adapter). Now I think it was the adapter that got fried, not the pedal itself because when I tried to use my Big Muff with the power and the converter, it got fried too, but my Muff still worked fine with a battery...so if you want it, you'll have to get an adapter for it (think you need an 18v)...you can't use a battery.

Price: OFFER

Jackson DKMG

Bought it from Allans about 2 months ago, still new, some barely visible dings here and there. There's a paint chip on the underside of it and weird fog marks on the back. There's a screw missing on the truss rod cover, there are scratches and lead on the little blocks that hold down the strings in the bridge.

Pickups are stock EMGs (81 bridge 85 neck), licensed Floyd Rose, one volume and one tone control, nice fast, flat neck with 24 frets (compound radius). Made in Japan.

Playability is pretty horrible at the moment because it hasn't been setup since I got it (and most guitars at a store have bad setup). The action is pretty high, but because of the flat radius, you can get a nice low action.

Price: OFFER or $885 and I'll include the Boss pedal, a Planet Waves Joe Satriani strap, and and the MXR EQ.

or $885
and get everything you see here:

I also might be selling a Line 6 UX2 Toneport, which includes the Toneport itself, the CD and the Ableton Live CD...no box.

People who choose to buy the guitar for the price there get first priority with the items

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Ok, I'm now selling the Jackson + Boss for $800 or offer.

including registered insured shipping?
or I'll trade you a behringer pedal tuner and a behringer FX600. When I was cleaning out I found alot of behringer pedals.