I find that if I let my picking arm rest on top of the guitar instead of keeping it aloft helps exert tension and relaxes my arm more. It lets the wrist just hang and let tension release so I can pick with just the wrist part.

Wondering though does anyone else do this because my guitar is a gibson les paul. It's because this guitar isn't curved where the arm relaxes and the corner of it digs in my arm


I do that sometimes (mostly when I sit down to play) but my guitar is a DeArmond (which is setup similar to a LP but nowhere near as awesome) and it has smooth edges. Do you do this when you stand up too?
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yeah i do i just think it is comfortable in terms of picking fast but i think i need a guitar with smoother corners because I think tension comes from when people use the muscles to keep their whole arm aloft
I don't know about les pauls, but all 3 of my electrics are curved and I've never experienced tension in my picking arm so I assume they're easier than LPs
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