The music store on this island ridiculous... the cheapest strings they have there are these crap $12 generic crap strings from china... All the guitars there are like StarSun??? and sell for around 4 or 5 hundred dollars even though they are absolute crap.. Its VERY small and all the people that work there are old Japanese women with no knowledge of music or music supplies, ect. Its kind of funny because even if you are amazing, there is a 5 minute time limit if you want to try a guitar and they time you (wtf?). They also only have a 24 hour return policy... share your lame music store stories here... Most music store threads are about annoying kids, but this is about ridiculous adults...
hey, you're in japan, don't whine

you get sweet stuff like japanese fenders, ESPs, caparisons, j-custom ibanez, tokai...

go travel a in search of such fine instruments
Over here, no music store stocks on any type of Metal music. It's all pop or generic Bollywood stuff. We only have one any authentic guitar dealer who overprices everything. All the others are cheap Indian rip-offs of famous brands. e.g There's an acoustic guitar manufacturer called Gi'V'son.
That's pretty bad. There's some music store near where I live, but everything there is way overpriced. One guitar pick costs 75 cents. A pack of strings costs around $12, and they usually get rusty like a month after you put them on. Guitars are way overpriced; a Squire costs $350. He (the old guy who owns the place) tried to sell me a little 15-watt Fender practice amp, telling me that it's pretty loud and that it's a really good amp for playing smaller gigs like at coffee shops. Whenever I need anything, I just drive three times as far to Guitar Center rather than buying it from him.
Closest one to me, which is about a 20 minute bus ride, has good brands like ovation, ibanez, epiphone, washburn and such. Unfortunately everythings annoyingly overpriced... bout 8$ bucks for a set of GHS strings, bout 230$ for a MG15DFX and all other accessories are insane. Like a coated set of D Addario strings is...get this....25 bucks.
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Shop here is ridiculous, he charged someone €250 to replace their pickup with a cheap generic one when there's broke.
If he *knows* you he's dead on, but he doesn't get to know you 'till youve spent too much money in his shop.

I go 50 miles to the next big town, where my da' knows the guy who owns a small little shop - we get discounts on already good prices!
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Here we've got everything, all the strings i want for a couple of bucks, everything from Epiphone to PRS.
Closest to me is a 5 minute walk into town And I get discounts there, cos I know the owner.